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Arkansas' top source for kettlebell
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Welcome to Arkansas’ premiere kettlebell and functional training facility.  While we are labeled as a kettlebell gym, we do much much more.  We view fitness, performance and ultimate wellness in a simple way.

  • Eat natural, whole foods.
  • Promote functional mobility and stability in all exercises and programs
  • Promote functional strength in all aspects of training
  • Ensure proper recovery for continuous progress

It’s that simple.  We believe that being truly good at the basics is king and strength is the master quality.  No hype.  No magic. Just hard work and dedication to a set of time tested principles.  It works.  It has worked and it will continue to work for years to come.


Personal Training

We have the experience, knowledge and ability to take beginners and advanced level trainees to the next level.

Classes + Workshops

All of our training options offer the same level of high-quality instruction you would expect from leading fitness professionals

FMS Services

The FMS is an amazing way to target asymmetries an individual may have, and an excellent guide to promoting balance and durability in the body.

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