So...you're just like CrossFit right?

No. The training our students receive is exactly that, TRAINING. We don't believe in "working out" or "workout of the day". We consistently practice proper body mechanics and the importance of movement quality over movement quantity. For example, we had a CrossFitter come into the gym claiming she could do 50 pullups. When I asked her to perform a single pullup(pullups don't involve kipping), she couldn't. All the quantity she was doing had no respectable benefit to her strength development. In other words, a single near perfect rep is far better than 50 lousy ones. We believe that developing a strong, functional body comes before counting reps and entering competitions. It's hard work but the outcome is a long-term plan for continual progress at any age. Moreover, we view strength as the master quality and as a skill. We work on strength skills every session. CrossFit believes constantly changing workouts will take you to an elite level. That's like saying "if I practice piano twice a year, I'll be as good as Mozart." Wrong. In order to reach a high level in any skill you HAVE to perfect the basics. This can only be done with consistent practice.

Do you only teach kettlebells at your gym?

We use lots of different tools to achieve the desired result here at Ballistic Fitness; Barbells, pull-up bars, battling ropes, medicine balls, body balls, etc. We teach everything from Olympic lifting to body weight training, but we specialize in kettlebells. We’re your one-stop shop for ultimate fitness!

What is a Kettlebell?

It's a fad the Russians invented over 300 years ago and is used to achieve maximum badassery.

What do you do in your classes?

Our classes are more like group-training. As your instructors, we are not performing the moves for you to imitate as you see in commerical gyms. We act as personal trainers, just in a group setting. We formulate our classes much like we do our personal training sessions. The programming is written in a progression so you’re sure to notice yourself getting better at everything you do as the weeks progress. Class size ranges from 3-15 depending on the class time you choose. If you’re the kind of person that prefers to have other people cheering you on while you workout, then one of our classes is sure to be right for you. You’ll do things like barbell dead lifting, kettlebell swings, Prowler pushing, planks, battling ropes... The list is endless. And the list of benefits to participating in one of our classes is endless as well. You’re sure to reach your fitness goal faster when you’re relying on us to do the “thinking” on how to achieve the best YOU!

Why are there no mirrors in your gym?

We know, we know; here we are telling you you’re going to reach your fitness goals faster with Ballistic Fitness and we don’t even provide you mirrors to SEE the new and improved you! What?!? Here’s the deal though... Mirrors are distracting. It’s impossible to focus on how to improve your kettlebell swing if you’re checking out the person on the pull-up bar. Perhaps, you’re not fully happy with your body yet (and who is, really?), then it might be hard for you to think about your technique if you’re looking at your muffin-top. We want to teach you to internalize your focus and that’s just easier to do without mirrors. Kettlebells demand a large amount of respect and focus. Less distractions equal more results.

I’ve never used a kettlebell, how will I know what to do in class?

After you make the extremely intelligent decision to join us in classes, we will set up a time to do a class orientation where we will teach you the basic moves you’ll need to know. We usually do orientations on Saturday and it will last about 1 ½ - 2 hours. However, you won’t be a pro after your orientation. It takes time to get good at anything and kettlebells are no exception to that rule. Fortunately, you’ll have one of us there the whole time to help you perfect your technique. But remember, patience is one of the most important virtues you can have during your fitness journey. Just be patient and remember that even the practice is still getting you a great workout.