At Ballistic Fitness, we can help you with nearly every aspect of your physical goals.  Whether it is losing excess body-fat, gaining strength and muscle mass, becoming more flexible, building stamina, or simply feeling better overall, we can help.  We offer personal instruction, group instruction, strength and mobility workshops, youth athletic development coaching, nutritional advice and functional movement screening.  We have the experience, knowledge and ability to take beginners and advanced level trainees to the next level.  Again, we offer simple answers to help you break plateaus and further your physical self.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

The FMS was created by world-renowned physical therapist Gray Cook.  It is simply a way to target dysfunctional movement patterns in the body.  For civilians, it serves as a way to undo the repetitive movements and postures that they may experience during work or recreation.  For athletes, it serves as a way to enhance performance and create resilience to injury.  For those who have sustained an injury and subsuqent surgery, it serves as a path back to higher level activity after rehabilitation.  The FMS is an amazing way to target asymmetries an individual may have, and an excellent guide to promoting balance and durability in the body.  In other words, the FMS is for the following individuals:

  • Beginners or individuals returning to exercise from a hiatus
  • Athletes looking for resilience to injury
  • Anyone returning to exercise after surgery/rehabilitation

Personal Training and Kettlebell Workshops

Our personal training, group training and workshops are one in the same.  It is up to you to choose the route that works best.  If you need aid in making this decision, a member of our staff can help you with this.  All of our training options offer the same level of high-quality instruction you would expect from the leading fitness professionals in the area.  If you are a self-conscious or nervous individual, then private instruction probably is the best choice for you.  Let’s say you enjoy exercising regularly, then our group training fits the bill.  Or perhaps, you would like to hold a kettlebell basics workshop at your gym or office, we can do that too!

Our Group Training/Class Schedule is as follows:

  • Monday          6:00am     8:30am     4:15pm     5:30pm
  • Tuesday         11:30-Noon     4:15pm
  • Wednesday    6:00am     8:30am     5:30pm
  • Thursday        11:30-Noon     4:15pm     5:30pm
  • Friday              6:00am     8:30am
  • Saturday         TBA – Call for class time
  • Sunday            Closed